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The following clubs are the list of ORAUSA Youth clubs:.

    Igbo Amaka club – Learn and speak Igbo Language.
    Cooking club – Teach our youth how to cook our traditional meal.
    Cosmetic club – Teaching our young men and women the traditional looks of our people.
    Ozioma club – Praise our heavenly father and pray to him for blessings.
    Drama club – To act and show what our culture is made up of, but olden tales and modern tales.
    Media club – This is our way of publication and to show the world what we do and why we are the best.
    Service club – This is a club set to help setup programs to raise money that will help our youths home and abroad.
    Education (critical thinking and finance) club – Help the youths learn how to save and invest their money. Also aid them in succeeding in their courses when needed.
    Dance and Working club – Come let’s move our feets and shake our hips, learn our cultural dance and also have fun with modern music.
    Gaming club – Learning olden games, exploring new ones and getting together as one.
    Book club – Read about the great writers in Nigeria and learn about our history.
    Fashion club – We share ideas, put together clothes for the dance club and other clubs in need. Make little clothes with things at our disposal.

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