Mr. Ukazu, an international lawyer who currently works with the New York Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator graduated from New York Law School (LL.M in Taxation). He has over ten years experience in Leadership development and working with community based organizations and associations’. He also has extensive experience in tax preparation and Case Manager, and is a youth advocate who has worked for several Non-Governmental Organizations such as a Program Manager and mentor. He has addressed several college and High students on leadership empowerment.

Mr. Ukazu believes in Leadership via service. He likes to inspire, educate, inform and transform human beings to succeed in any field of life they are passionate about. He is active blogger, public speaker and humanitarian. He publishes inspiring articles via Henry Ukazu, and is the author of an inspirational and motivational book titled: “Design Your Destiny-Actualizing Your Birthright To Success“, an inspirational self-help book that centers on self-discovery, and unleashing one’s potential. In 2013, Mr. Ukazu was profiled on Leadership alongside Former President of South Africa President Nelson Mandela on a topic titled: The Making of A Leader. He believes the youths are the instruments of change for any progressive and civilized clime desirous of making an impact.