Welcome to our site. We are glad you have decided to visit us to learn more about us, and our program.

ORAUSA Youth program is one of the programs of Orlu Regional Assembly, USA (ORAUSA); an organization for Charitable, Educational, Economic, Social, and Political development of citizens of Orlu (a city located in the eastern part of Nigeria in West Africa)

Our program is designed to create awareness among young Orlu sons and daughters to ensure that the legacy of ORAUSA lives on. To that end, we provide opportunities for our youths to:

  • Meet and interact with other youths
  • Get exposed to our culture and language
  • Mentor or be mentored
  • Participate and volunteer in community services such as volunteering in free medical mission, feed the homeless, and many others.

Each year during our annual ORAUSA convention, we provide educational scholarship awards, and we hand out certificates to graduating seniors to encourage them in their educational aspirations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Mrs. Ijeoma Eze-Adenka.

ORAUSA Youth Director