Calling all ORAUSA Youths artists!

ORAUSA Youths is looking for an artist!

Do you think you can draw? Here is your chance to prove it and get rewarded for it!

And the best part? Not only will you be crowned ORAUSA Youths Artist of the year, ORAUSA youths from different cities all over United States will be wearing your design!

Sounds tempting, we thought so.

What you need to do:

Design the artwork that will be printed on our new and official ORAUSA Youths Tshirt. This artwork must represent ORAUSA, ORAYouths and ORA programs.


  1. The artwork/design must incorporate ORAUSA logo
  2. The artwork/design must represent ORAUSA Youths
  3. The artwork/design must be in .jpg or .png file format
  4. The artwork/design must be submitted to on or before March 1, 2020. No exceptions
  5. Artist must be willing to answer questions or assist if needed (for example, different colors are being considered for the tshirt so wining artist may assist in modifying design color if needed)

Selecting the winner (Voting)

We will send out a link for youths to vote on their favorite artwork/design.  The design with the highest number of votes will be printed on our Youth Tshirt, and the artist will be awarded $30 and crowned ORAUSA Youths’ artist of the year.

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