ORAUSA Mission

ORAUSA is a public, non-profit professional organization dedicated to helping people affected by poverty within and around the world. It seeks to restore the dignity and quality of their lives by eradicating barriers to success through innovative education, healthcare services, entrepreneur development, youth empowerment, and community-driven aids. Guided by the aspirations of the people it serves, ORA-USA pursues its mission with empathy, openness, and generosity.

The Purpose of ORAUSAYouths Program

The purpose of the ORAUSAYouths program, one of the programs of ORA USA, is to ensure continuity of the organization by creating awareness among sons and daughters whose parent(s) are from Orlu Senatorial Zone.  Youths are encouraged to join the youths Telegram to network, inspire, motivate, and get to know each other, while connecting with their Nigerian roots. We provide opportunities for our youths to:

  • Meet and interact with other youths
  • Get exposed to Igbo culture and language
  • Mentor or be mentored
  • Participate and volunteer in community services such as volunteering free medical missions, feed the homeless, and many others.


Membership to the ORAUSA Youths Program is free for all sons and daughters whose parent(s) are from Orlu Senatorial Zone. We encourage youths to join the Youths telegram group by subscribing to the youths’ group via the link: https://www.orausayouths.us/subscribe/

Our Youths

Our youths are grouped in two age categories: youths 13 years old and under, and youths unmarried 14 – 26 years old

The benefit of being an ORAUSA Youth

  • Mentors: ORAUSA Youths program has mentors ready to assist and provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling to our youths. Whether it is for exploring careers or setting goals, our mentors are there to help.
  • ORAUSA Convention Youth Programs: ORAUSA youths work with the ORAUSA convention planning committee to create activities that will keep all youths and young adults engaged and active during the convention
  • Orlu New Generation Award: one new generation award presented to an ORAUSA youth not based in academia or degrees but based on their accomplishments or drive, and involvement in ORAUSA Youths Program/activities.
  • Ikechukwu Onwuzurike Legacy Education Award in partnership with WIWD foundation: This award has two parts: $1000 will be awarded to a high school senior or college student from the hosting affiliate with high academic excellence. $3000 awarded and shared between youths from 6 other affiliates ($500 each affiliate) who attended the convention. The selection of these 6 affiliates is pulled randomly in no order on the last day of the convention.
  • Graduating Seniors: ORAUSA presents certificates to youths of ORAUSA members graduating from high school or university.
  • Youths Presenters: ORAUSA not only encourages youths to present on various topics of their interest during the national convention’s panel discussion but also awards them with a plaque for their participation.

ORAUSA Youths Community Service

  1. ORAUSA provides educational supplies to youths during the annual free medical mission in Orlu, Nigeria.
  2. ORAUSA encourages youth presenters during ORAUSA Summit in Orlu, Nigeria.

ORAUSA Youths Telegram Group Rules

We kindly request that all members of the youths Telegram Group adhere to the following chat group etiquettes to keep the group productive, and active. Feel free to suggest more Do’s and Don’ts for us to review.


  1. Do respect the purpose of the group.
  2. Difference of opinion is allowed. Do maintain respect for all members and their views.
  3. Do take part in the conversation to keep the group active. Remember, that the purpose of the groups is to interact with others.
  4. Do verify the content before forwarding any link, post, or messages.


  1. Do not send content that has not been verified by you or reliable sources.
  2. Do not send or use profanity of any form (text, emoji, pictures, video, etc.)

ORAUSA Youths Contact information