For those still wondering…

By Ernest Ndukwe.  Ph.D, Detroit Michigan.

For those still wondering about the need to be an active participant in the Orlu Regional Assembly USA activities, this is for you. Chances are that you may not know such an organization exist. Chances are that you may have heard about the organization but paid little or no attention to it. You have seen organizations rise and fold over the years and you wonder when this one will fold too.

Then again, you could be one of those who philosophically disagree with individuals and organizations taxing themselves to help with resolving a part or parts of the issues confronting ordinary citizens in places like Nigeria where many who were elected or appointed to ameliorate conditions choose the path of corruption to enrich themselves while ignoring the suffering masses who voted them into office. The military while in power proved to be worse. The result is lack of progress over the decades. In many instances, the masses, the states and the nation has gone backwards. You will not get an argument from me if you express such sentiments because I agree.

Chances are that someone reading this does not even know how to get involved. First and foremost is to get involved with an ORAUSA affiliate near you and register as a member. Get involved as an active member in your affiliate. Someone at the affiliate level including the president, other members of the executive and other affiliate members are sources that can provide the information you seek. If the affiliate you are joining or plan to join does not seem to be very enthusiastic about ORAUSA, find out why and what role you can play towards changing the dynamics of the situation. ORAUSA cannot exist without the affiliates. Both the national body and the affiliates know that very well. It is the more reason the umbrella organization (ORAUSA) and the affiliates must work together to ensure their mutual survival and progress.
Why belong? You will never know until you make up your mind to be a member of an affiliate. Check out what is offered. Knowing that you belong to a group that likely shares common roots with you is an attraction. Knowing that the group assembles in good times and challenging times to support one another is a plus (when the group is functioning properly). Some have insurance to cover members in times of human losses. ORAUSA has one such insurance too. Members are always encouraged to buy into it.
Why belong? Chances are that someone you know may have been a beneficiary of the ORAUSA Medical Mission which occurs in four local governments in the Orlu Senatorial Zone every December. Even if no one you know personally has been blessed by the free medical mission, it must gladden your heart that thousands of sick individuals have benefitted from the Mission leading to the saving and prolongation of lives.  How about ORAUSA support for education in Orlu? ORAUSA completed a building, furnished it with desks and computers and donated the Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) building and the contents to Imo State Teaching Hospital in Umuna, Orlu. It is fully in operation and students are benefitting immensely from it.

Our youths are getting to know one another through the affiliate and the national organization. That helps to keep our culture alive through various programs. Poor and widowed women in the local governments in Orlu are supported with limited funds/loans to help them stay afloat in their small businesses. That is made possible through the efforts of the ORAUSA women. You only need to listen to one or more testimonies from those who benefitted from the loans to ascertain the benefit and the success of such a program. There is much more. If you have not joined an affiliate yet, do so and find out more for yourself.

By Ernest Ndukwe. Ph.D, Detroit Michigan.

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