08:30 Am                     Youth/Children Check-In / Free Time


09:00 Am                     Call To Order (Dr. Uzo Unegbu, Ococ Chairman)


09:20 Am                     Roll Call By National Parliamentarian, Chief Ifeanyi Ohazurike


09:30 Am                    Opening Prayer


09:45 Am                     Brief Speech By The National President, Chief Tony Okpara


10:00 Am                     Women Forum Presentation By Lolo Calista Chinwe Okpara

10:30:11:20am            Youth Forum-Dr.Salome Nwosu

11:20-1:00pm              Panel Discussion————-By Chief Vin Agubokwu

11:20-12:00pm            Youth/Children In Panel Discussion

12:00 Pm                     Youth/Children Group Picture

12:00-1:00pm              Lunch Lunch Lunch-Package

12:30-1:30pm              Youth/Children Lunch

01:00-02:30pm            Committee Presentations By Mazi Emmanuel Orji

01:30-03:00pm            Youth/Children Game Time/Free Time

02:30-4:00pm              Town Hall Meeting

03:00-04:00pm            Youth/Children Snack Time

04:00-05:00pm            Youth/Children Career Fair/Igbo Class/Lessons

5:00 Pm                       Youth/Children Check-Out

5:00pm                        Adjournment

7:30 Pm                        Youth/Children Check-In

8:00 Pm                        Start Of Gala Night

8:05 Pm                        Seating Of High Table

8:30 Pm                        National Anthems: Usa And Nigeria

8:50 Pm                        Opening Prayer

8:55 Pm                        Welcome/Offering Of Kola Nuts By Host President- Lolo Chinyere Udokoro/Remarks By Chairman

9:00 Pm                        Dinner

9:00 Pm                        Youth/Children Dinner

9:25 Pm                        Welcome Speech By National President – Chief Tony Okpara

9:35 Pm                        Speech By Special Guest Speaker(S) And Special Guest Of Honor

9:50 Pm                        Orausa Special Awards/Special Presentation

10:00 Pm                      Youth/Children Magic Show/Ballon Twisting/Face Painting

10:15 Pm                      Donations/Fundraising For Ora Programs

12:00 Am                      Dance, Dance, Dance And Dance

12:00 Am                      Youth/Children Snack Time

01:00 Am                      Youth/Children Karaoke/Dance

02:00 Am                      Youth/Children Check-Out

3:00   Am                      Closing Remarks