The ORA-USA Health Screening & Awareness Committee in coordination with ORA-Houston local committee brings warmest greetings to our members, friends and families as we prepare for our 20th annual convention

As we all know, good health hinges on healthy lifestyle, early detection and adherence to treatment. Our ‘Reminder Months’ are here once again! Hopefully, our ladies and gentlemen have not forgotten to do or schedule their annual/ periodic health exams/screenings as appropriate.

This year, in addition to our usual activities we hope to incorporate vision screening (eye exam) and Medication Adherence/Education components.

We encourage members to come with list of all their current medications (including non-prescription ones) because we will have a team of highly knowledgeable multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals ready to review every situation and answer all your relevant questions.

The health screening will be carried out as follows:

Date:  June 22nd, 2019.

Time: 8.00am -12..00pm

Location: In front of Ballroom

Screening Areas of Interest (list is not exhaustive):

Cardiovascular risk assessment (blood pressure testing)

Diabetes (blood glucose testing)

Cholesterol (full cholesterol panel testing for high cholesterol)

Osteoporosis (bone mineral density testing)

Annual wellness exams (height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, body fat percentage)


Princess Chi-Chi Ojinnaka

National Chairperson ORA-USA Health Screening & Awareness Committee.